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Asia`s only C-Level Negotiation Conference!

"Negotiation is a learned and not an inherited talent"

The 2019 Negotiation and Leadership Symposium is coming to Mumbai, It will be the largest gathering of thought-leaders on strategic negotiation in the world. Come to learn strategies from the most successful negotiators & leaders that will guarantee you 10X Growth in 2019.

Business is changing faster than ever… Are you positioned to grow or be left behind? The forum is designed as a platform to share the collective wisdom of India’s C Level community and the insights of subject matter experts around the below areas:

Negotiate and close large or complex sales. Handle the squeeze between consolidating suppliers and rising raw materials prices. Negotiate mergers and acquisitions. Handle business development and licensing negotiations. Purchase goods and services. Negotiate exploration and development deals. Negotiate joint ventures, alliances and other partnering arrangements. Negotiate with professional service firm clients on fees, scope, relationship improvement, problem management. Negotiate internally to implement projects. Develop a strategy for getting design approval for large infrastructure projects, construct the project in a relatively uninterrupted way, and operate it without roadblocks. Negotiate information technology contracts.

The Symposium provides executives the opportunity to spend two day immersed in a productive environment with peers from large enterprises and multinationals, as well as business specialists and other experts. ALL of the TNLS expert speakers are highly vetted and hand selected by us personally. They are required to have an extensive background in both the education AND implementation of the strategies that they will present.

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What’s in it for me?

Learn the Master Secrets of The World’s Best Negotiators.
CEOs & other Business Leaders

As a Business Leader, you have a load on your plate.   You are trying to manage your sales organization.  Different products and services. Different territories, other board members, Investors,  different customers.  Lofty targets that only get harder.   Pressure to generate revenue and maximize profits.  Tension with the people who are developing and delivering the products and services that you have to sell – where are they in the accountability for sales and profits?

Identifying your markets and target markets.  Getting your message across in a way that is compelling and memorable.   How will you influence people to want your product or service?  How will you convince business and consumers to buy?  Old sales and influence tactics don’t work anymore.  Competition is more fierce than ever before.  How are you influencing your internal team to hit their results? How are you coalition building with senior executives on the value of your organization and their results?  How are you influencing the product and service design and delivery teams so they do their part in giving you something that can actually sell well and results in post-purchase satisfaction?  How do you get the legal team on your page in contract reviews?

Most of all, how do you negotiate with purchasing? They have all the money, so they have all the leverage!  Have you learned how to influence them?  You need counter-intelligence on how purchasing prepares for and manages negotiations.  If you come in with your same old sales approach, it won’t work with the brightest minds in purchasing. 

The truth is, your ability to make it to the next level in the executive ladder has much less to do with your education or your experience than you think.  Negotiation research shows that the biggest factor is your ability to influence – your ability to negotiate.  To coalition build.  To get internal customers, internal partners, and management on your side and behind your agenda.  To set a vision and go achieve it.  To build bridges instead of burn them. 

Procurement Leaders

As a Procurement Executive, you are wearing a number of hats.   You are trying to look across a supply chain with limited visibility.  You are responsible for shortages and inventory optimization and keeping costs down.  You are supposed to be looking across the supply chain but management pressure is for you to focus on your company’s specific results.  You are looking at both purchasing and logistics – while ensuring productivity, quality, and efficiency of operations. 

In a true supply chain model, the focus is on the effectiveness of the entire chain.  How do you influence other companies in the chain?  How do you solve inventory, purchasing, logistics, operational, or other issues that are happening in other supply chain links?  How do you get the attention of other supply chain links when they are not just in your supply chain, but in all their other customer supply chains too? 

And then there is internally – how do you influence purchasing, finance, warehouse, logistics, and so many other groups that don’t report to you?  And once you get a seat at the table in supplier negotiations, are you developing your skills there and able to negotiate world class deals? 

All of the above initiatives have to be driven through other people and other supply chain links.  Most of these people don’t report to you.  Position power is not enough to be successful in your position.  What you need is the ability to influence. The ability to influence is the most important skill you can develop for your job results, your career, and your income.  If you rely on position power to accomplish your objectives, you will be successful for a while – but eventually, you will hit a plateau, and it will be a rude awakening.  That plateau will be when position power will not take you any further.

HR Leaders

As a Human Resources Executive, you have lofty goals and expectations.  How will you elevate the human capital in your organization?  How will you ensure your company finds the best talent, develops them to next levels of performance, keeps them in your company and doesn’t lose them to the competition, and then managing them through their employment life cycle.  On top of that, you have the endless issues to deal with from the various business divisions, and all of them involve conflict and conflict resolution.    You are also negotiating with benefits suppliers and providers as well as with employee groups and executives – multiparty negotiations are the norm, and finding a sweet spot where all parties involved are happy seems an impossibility. 

The best human resources managers and executives in the world are outstanding influencers.  They rarely use position power to achieve their objectives.  They collaborate with internal groups but don’t give in just to make them happy.  They know how to do the right thing for the company and keep that competitive edge while influencing internally for best results.   The worst human resources managers try to keep everyone happy, which is a recipe for making everyone upset.

Negotiations and the ability to influence are your biggest assets.  How are you negotiating with internal employee groups? With individual managers?  With employees who raise grievances?  With executive staff?  Do you have a seat at the table with purchasing when they are negotiating with benefits suppliers that directly impact your HR programs?  Are you negotiating them yourself?  Are you a trained negotiator, or are you just hoping for the best? 

Corporate Finance Leaders

As a Finance Executive, you are wearing a multitude of hats.  You are responsible for results.   Financial reports, budgets, forecasts, activity reports, organizational costs and cost targets, profitability, headcount, analyzing projects/strategies for fiscal strength, mergers and acquisitions, strategic investments, risk and controls, and financial analysis in support of supplier negotiations. 

The biggest headache you have though is that everything is not in your control.  All of the above initiatives have to be driven through other people.  Most of those other people don’t report to you.  Position power is not enough to be successful in your position.  What you need is the ability to influence. The ability to influence is the most important skill you can develop for your job results, your career, and your income.  If you rely on position power to accomplish your objectives, you will be successful for a while – but eventually, you will hit a plateau, and it will be a rude awakening.  That plateau will be when position power will not take you any further.

How do you negotiate for one group to give up budget so another can gain budget?  How do you negotiate cost targets with business divisions?  How do you negotiate headcount reductions or new headcount targets?  How do you influence suppliers in negotiations?  How do you get the organization to follow your lead because they want to and not because they have to? 

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We can provide flexible and tailored solutions to optimize your investment:

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A powerful platform from which to showcase your offerings to CXOs from Fortune 500 Corporations. Opportunities include: Solo keynote address, Panel discussion or moderation alongside the biggest names in the industry, In-depth briefing sessions on the more technical topics, Debates and other more interactive formats.


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The Negotiation Excellence awards aim to recognize and reward negotiation excellence across all sectors, MNCs, government agencies or privatized entities. Open to organisations of any size and individuals, based anywhere in the country, entries are encouraged from those that feel they are working smarter than their competitors to create a business edge through negotiation capabilities. Entrants to The Negotiation Excellence Awards do not have to be conducting business globally. You may enter your own organization for an award or nominate a third party.
When you enter you will automatically be emailed a 2019 nominees logo resembling The Negotiation Excellence Awards Nominee. This can be used on your website and other marketing material. We pride ourselves on a slick and prompt judging process because we know you want to find out the outcome as soon as possible. All winners hold their title for 12 months.
This second to none non-traditional competition would choose it`s winners as India`s Top Negotiators in 3 competitive levels, comprising of unique groups.




An independent, bespoke, judging panel reviews real time performances and negotiating capabilities. The panel includes most renowned and proven negotiators from around the globe and judges are carefully selected to review each individual Performance based on their personal knowledge and strengths.

The Negotiation Excellence Awards are an independent awards programme not affiliated to any magazine or newspaper. They are marketed and administered by Negotiation Asia a business unit of Competitorsview Strategic Insights Ltd, India&pos;s leading provider of business capability building platforms and support services, news and information to progressive organisations and accomplished individuals.


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